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    I am a proud long-time resident of Vacaville’s District 5, a 13 year Army veteran with two deployments to Afghanistan with Special Operations, and I earned two Bachelor’s degrees from UC Davis. Currently, I work with Team Rubicon and CalOES helping communities in need prepare for and respond to disasters. I responded to the Redding and Paradise fires, as well as hurricanes across the US and internationally. These experiences reinforced the importance of service and inspired me to run for office.


      • Military Intelligence Officer – U.S. Army
      • Liaison – CA Office of Emergency Services
      • Incident Management Team – Team Rubicon
      • Disaster Responder – Team Rubicon

    Current Issues

    • Fiscal Responsibility
    • Emergency Preparedness/Public Safety
    • Whole Community Service
    • Philosophy

    Vacaville’s finances are in critical need of attention, even more so now with the unforeseen effects of COVID-19 and wildfires. The budget and the General Plan need to be assessed and revised. With my analyst background, I will take a data-driven, pragmatic, and solution-based approach to the city’s finances.

    Everyone in Vacaville felt the effects of the recent wildfires and how much worse it could have been. The city needs an updated, thorough, simple, and widely published response plan for when this happens again. My background in disaster response can bridge the gap between the city council, emergency services, and public safety.

    A city shouldn’t just exist. As a public servant, my goal will be to embrace and nurture all aspects of the community with parks, outdoor areas, good infrastructure, community services, public safety, and most importantly – our underfunded schools and local businesses.

    Clear open communication with the public. Accountability at every level of the city’s leadership. Relationships with all aspects of the community. Equality and Respect for everyone. Safety and Preparedness for Vacaville.


    Walking District 5
    Walking District 5

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    Would you like to become one of our donors?
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    “Jason Roberts is a member of the Army National Guard. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Army or the Department of Defense.”

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